Friday, November 11, 2016

A Chicken, Police Officer and a Cheeseburger

The kids sure enjoyed Halloween week!  Daddy was out of town & we were sad he couldn't join all of the fun. Thankfully Nana & Papa D. were in town over the weekend (watch my dad's sermon at Crossroads {here}) so the kids were able to dress up and "Trunk or Treat" at the Y!  Then the kids and I spent Halloween with friends and way too much candy. 
 Throughout the day, Vera had on several costumes and I told her whatever she was dressed in when we left the house was going to be her costume for the night :) So she went from a kitten to 3 different princesses with butterfly wings to a cheeseburger- haha! A cheeseburger who wanted sparkly blush on her cheeks.  The police officer added a Darth Vader mask later on, but Bauer was the cutest little chicken the whole night!
We have since hidden all of the candy and found all of Vera's secret stashes throughout the house... we think!

( and {here} is a photo of Bauer with his chicken buddies)

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