Monday, October 9, 2017

A Few Outtakes from the Dogs' Photoshoot

JR helped me photograph Vali & Ryder so we could make some prints for Patrick's office.  
He was a big helper with the dog treats! Here are a few outtakes ;)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Kindergarten, Africa and Fall

Well, hey there friends!  It's been a whirlwind since we stepped back into routine from Patrick's study break.  A sweet time to prepare us for a packed fall!  

John Ryman started Kindergarten and loves his class... as long as he gets 12 hours of sleep. ;)  Vera is now in the 2-day preschool JR was in last year and thinks she is big stuff!  It's all about the backpack and outfit she chooses each week.  Thanks to a Mom's Morning Out program for Bauer, I now have my quiet, uninterrupted 3 hours a week that I sure missed over the summer!  

This fall season is bringing anticipation and excitement for all God is going to do through His church with the launch of our new West campus.  There were over 500 people yesterday on our first Sunday! 

In addition to all of the above, I just retuned home from Nairobi last night!  Once the jet lag wears off and my suitcase is unpacked, I'll share some stories about the beautiful people of Kenya and a church that is on the move in powerful ways.  And maybe a few lion photos ;) 

Hope you all are well and settling in for a rich fall season.  

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

(Thinking of Fitzgerald and my favorite literature classes in HS... I can't believe it has been 10 years since I graduated High School!  I missed our reunion while in Africa, but I have been reminiscing on so many sweet & hilarious memories from our CAL '07 Class.  I'm so grateful for the impact my classmates had on my life.  I feel like I had such a rare high school experience with friends who loved well & had way too much fun together!)  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Vera Michelle- her final week as a 3 year old

(her favorite dress from Wee Urban... she has 3 that she rotates and they wash really well!)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Nashville Girls' Trip

 A few weeks ago, Vera and I joined our best friends Deanna & Salima for a girls getaway in Nashville!  Salima was turning 5, so we made a day trip to visit the American Girl Store.  I was just as excited as the girls! I let Vera take one of my old American Girl dolls and our "girls day" was all she could talk about for weeks!  We got ready to leave and I noticed she had rolled her pants up all by herself.  She said she wanted to match me and I couldn't handle her sweetness!!

 The cutest little friends ever!

And I think Vera was just as excited about the gumball machines in the mall- haha!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1 Day Reset- Juice Cleanse with Sunshine Juice Co.

 I tried my first Juice Cleanse last week!  Initially I planned to do a 3-day cleanse, but a few things changed and I decided a 1-day cleanse would be a better first experience.  Overall it was delicious and refreshing.  It truly felt like the perfect "reset" for my body!
We have been trying to eat healthier in our home and cut back on sweets or what I like to call "filler snacks".  Ya know, the extra handful of goldfish after lunch or taste-testing desesrt while cooking dinner.  Maybe that's just me :)  I finally realized that while I am no longer pregnant or breastfeeding, my appetite is still eating for 2... and I needed to stop! This juice cleanse helped to do just that.  My appetite since the cleanse has decreased and my craving for coffee has decreased as well.  
The juices really did keep me feeling full all day long.  I actually saved the 2nd Mean Green for the next day because I couldn't drink it all!  I might have felt different after a 3 day cleanse, but I do think drinking tons of water & eating well leading up to the cleanse helped my body get through the day without any problems.  I drank all of the juices just fine- there were a couple I had to chug a little faster than the others because I didn't love the taste, but I'm still new to this juice stuff.  Hopefully I'll enjoy every one next time.  My favorite just might have been the new Sol H2O.  There is a spicy refreshing flavor that wakes you right up!

Anyways, I highly recommend trying one of the cleanses or running into Sunshine Juice Co. for a juice or smoothie this summer.  They are so kind and helpful in the store (or drive-thru!) so don't hesitate asking questions.  I can't wait to try their new summer juice flavor!

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?  Do you have any tips for me on future cleanses? 3-day or 1-day? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Our Favorite Summer Park- Friedman Park

Our family has a new favorite spot in Evansville... well, Newburgh!  Friedman Park just opened Memorial Day weekend and we have already been several times.  It's a little tricky to find, but there are a few maps on this Facebook page {here} that are helpful.  The kids loved the swings, sand pit and unique play areas! The two large covered areas are great for an evening picnic or rent out for a party.  Patrick and JR can't wait to go fishing and biking on the trails.  The bathrooms and water fountains are a nice bonus :)

Friedman Park reminds us our favorite park in Louisville.  JR & Vera always ask to visit Nana's park, but now they ask about this one just as much.  I'm so thankful to have a new place to enjoy this summer!  See ya there!