Friday, January 20, 2017

Growing Kids (Likes & Dislikes)

John Ryman: 5

Likes: picking up firewood in his Power-wheels Jeep, playing chase with his new puppy, 
cheering for the Cards, showing off his memory (that's way better than mine!), 
YouTube videos of off-roading vehicles, imitating his Daddy

Dislikes- waking up in the morning, UK Cats :) 

Vera: 3 1/2

Likes: playing with her little "people" and dolls, anything pink, telling extravagant stories, back scratches, cuddling with Vali, gum (any and every flavor) 

Dislikes: brushing her hair, falling asleep without Every light on, Ryder biting her curls

Bauer: 10 months

Likes: food, snacks and more food, bouncing anywhere, being nosy and pulling up on everything, zooming around the house in his walker, happily observing

Dislikes: teething, waiting at the door watching puppies outside, waiting for food, sitting still

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