Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Witching Hour- Hyper & Hungry

Ya know that LONG stretch before dinner? 
For us, it's that time after nap or snack and before Patrick gets home from work.  The book Babywise calls this the "witching hour" but I'm pretty sure this continues well into the toddler stage.  Bauer is tired but needs to stay up until bedtime. The kids are hyper waiting for daddy to get home and just want "one more snack" before the real meal.
Usually what works one day to occupy them does not work the next.  I also try to have the house somewhat decluttered and not too much crazy going on for when Patrick walks in the door.  I know Patrick would rather come home to a rested wife and messy house than exhausted wife and spotless house ;) but who wants to come home to chaos after a long day of work?!  This is definitely not the case every day.  Sometimes I have a show on Netflix and I run to take a nap the second he walks in the door! But on most days we try our best to get their energy out and make a fun welcome home for daddy.
The other day, JR and Vera created a hideout in the front yard with leftover garland and sticks from the yard and waited quietly until daddy drove home.  Surprise nerf gun attacks might just become our evening tradition!
Any Witching Hour ideas that work well in your home? Please Share! :)

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