Sunday, February 19, 2017

Well Worn Cookbooks

Is there anything better than a well worn cookbook?

Okay, the worn pages of well read Bible ;)
But there is something so special about a handwritten recipe card or a cookbook with stains and folded down pages.  There is a post in the works about my favorite new cookbooks and websites we have been using as a family.  As I pulled out some cookbooks for meal planning today, I couldn't help but laugh at the tattered books! I must be really rough on them!  So here are my top three go-to cookbooks I've been using the last several years before I share some of my new favorites.

Start Fresh - Tyler Florence

Bread & Wine - Shauna Niequist

Cooking with Friends - Vera Bradley

I love that they open easily to my most used recipes (because there are spills and splotches on those pages).  The Start Fresh book is faded because I used to have it sitting out in our kitchen herb window.  The kids love opening this book and pointing to a picture of what they want to create in the kitchen. The recipes are easy for an entire family with options to puree food or include toddlers with a Goldfish Chowder ;)  Shauna Niequist's book was accidentally left in the rain when Vera was a newborn because I had been soaking up the sunshine and her beautiful words from our backyard.  I can't decide whether I love her stories or recipes more... I truly believe there is no way to separate the two.  Such raw beauty shared at the table.  And I have truly enjoyed "Cooking with Friends" because of the seasonal aspect of this cookbook.  Perfect for hosting a themed seasonal party or picking out recipe for a simple dinner.

Comment below with some of your favorite recipes books or websites... I might just add it to my list and share more in a future post!

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