Monday, March 13, 2017

Kids in front of the Camera

Not all kids love being in front of the camera.  Some get shy or giggly making it hard to capture natural expressions.  Or for you photography mamas, do you want your kids to learn about photography and get excited about what you love?

Having children has definitely made me think outside the box when it comes to photography!  A good way to start is to ask your child or client to do the opposite of what you would normally recommend. Do you always pose them on their bellies with their hands propped under their chins?  Maybe have them lay on their back and wiggle their hands and toes in the air.  Sit in a chair upright? Kick those legs on the armrest or try upside down!  It may not be your favorite photo, but it will help to get you thinking creatively.  The kids will have a lot more fun, especially when it's something they typically aren't allowed to do in a posed family photo session :)

Try to put yourself in the mind of a toddler and what would make them laugh.  When I was photographing my daughter, I noticed the plant in front of her gave her a green mustache.  Of course when I told her this she couldn't stop laughing and I got some of the cutest expressions from her. (above photo).

Try handing over your phone and letting your child photograph their siblings.  Let them pose or get them to laugh in their own ways.  You might just learn a trick or two ;)

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