Monday, April 24, 2017

Zoo Day with Sloane & Kiddos

Before Easter, we spent the most beautiful afternoon at the zoo!  Sloane, our friend & babysitter, met us for USI day.  I can't believe it took 4 years of living in Evansville to visit Mesker Park!  The kids did some crafts at the USI tent and got some snacks as well :) The weather could not have been more perfect for early spring.  It actually was pretty warm and those hills are NO JOKE!  JR loved the giraffes and Vera loved the "pink flamingo sign" (haha! We couldn't find the actual flamingos and she told us at the end that was her favorite!).   There weren't a ton of animals and the grounds weren't the prettiest.  There was a lot of construction and granted it's early spring, so maybe they will do some cleaning and updating soon.  I kinda felt bad for the animals, but hoping next time we go it will have improved.  It doesn't compare to the other zoos we have been to, but then again the price was like 1/4 of the other zoo costs so that was fair for the experience!  A cheap park experience where the kids can run and see some animals they wouldn't see in the forest ;) Next time we might try out the flamingo or swan paddle boats on the lake!

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